Pitching our confusingly-named augmented-reality zombie defence game

Five week project organised by Imperial College Design Collective (ICDC) in collaboration with Professor Miles Pennington, head of Innovation Design Engineering at the Royal College of Art. The brief for ZLONK! was to design and prototype toys or games relating to ‘future transport.’

The group I was part of, which consisted of three other students, worked collectiveley in all aspects of the creation and development of our game, which allowed us to continually iterate the design of the game. This led to our design, named ATTACK, being regarded as the game with the most potential.

After a session of ideation, we came up with the concept of an augmented reality (AR) traffic game, using pre-existing hardware such as iPads.

Through prototyping of the models, this quickly developed into a Tower Defence inspired game, where traffic was replaced with zombies!

Final prototype for the game brought a more physical aspect for the AR game, and added functionality for multiplayer gaming. In addition, future development of the game was detailed.

Good turnout and good end to the last ICDC workshop of its first ever term, held at the Royal College of Art.