'On The Fly' exhibited at London Design Festival [Credit: Takram]

Takram is a design innovation firm with studios in Tokyo and London. Specialising in concept, product, and experience design, Takram work with leading international businesses and institutions across industries to bridge the gap between design and engineering, the physical and the conceptual, the virtual and the real, to transform abstract ideas into applicable concepts, tangible products and compelling consumer experiences.

My responsibilities at Takram included conceptualising future products for a consumer electronics company, assisting in the digital and physical development of various projects and installations, and designing and implementing Takram's Scenes Unseen exhibition during London Design Festival 2016.

Scenes Unseen exhibition video [Credit: Takram]

'Average Extremes' installation by Renee Verhoeven at Dutch Design Week 2016 [Credit: Renee Verhoeven]