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ODC - Coming Soon

ODC is a sustainable design studio, started as a side project between my friends John Bertolaso, Edward Brial, Ryan Mario Yasin, and I. We wanted to explore how material choices, material processes, and clever design can make durable, sustainable products at an industrial scale. With a number of related projects developed as individuals, we thought it would make sense to collate these projects together under one coherent identity.

The first area we wanted to look at together was sustainable fashion, and we experimented with different designs and materials for a pant. The pant was for us all a garment that had a very short life or one that required many different types, due to the range of activities they are put through on a day-to-day basis - from cycling to work, to being in a workshop, to sitting at a desk all day, to going to meetings, a drink, or the occassional hike. We wanted to create a pant that was applicable to 95% of activities, and designed one with certain structural features to make it more durable for activities relating to stretch, abrasion, and strange body positions (such as climbing, or cycling), while looking like a normal pair of tapered trousers otherwise.

Trousers being tested on a trek in the Eastern Himalayas, and skateboarding in Darjeeling  - did fine

We are approaching this project, and future projects, with an ‘inherent sustainability,’ in that it is not an after-thought or an attempt to retrofit sustainable credentials to an existing product; the brief we have set ourselves is that it’s not just about using sustainable materials and processes (which are of course very important) - but actually designing the very structure and functionality of the garment with sustainability at its core, rather than it be a feature.

Much more to come soon - check us out in the meantime on our instagram.