humanising autonomy

Understanding Vulnerable Road Users in Shoreditch, London

Humanising Autonomy is building the global standard of machines can better understand people.

The company was founded in 2017 by Leslie Nooteboom, Maya Pindeus, and myself on the premise of enabling a safer, more human-centered implementation of autonomous technology. Since then, the company has developed a methodology and software that is able to understand pedestrian, cyclist and other vulnerable road user behaviour and intent to improve global mobility systems, as well as applying this technology in other industries where human-machine understanding can improve human experience. 

Customers include multinational leaders in the automotive and mobility space, as well as global technology companies exploring the smart home, mixed reality, and metaverse spaces.

The technology combines AI-powered computer vision and behavioural psychology to understand the full, nuanced range of human behaviour, to help make interactions with machines safer, more efficient, or simply more pleasant.

Applications of the technology