boiler room

Using a TI Sensortag (bottom right of picture) to collect realtime temperature, humidity, pressure and vibration data at the Daniel Avery 'Divided Love' session [24/02/15]

Boiler Room is an organisation that hosts intimate live music sessions all around the world, and is a pioneering music broadcaster, with over 1.5 million active subscribers.

Following the relatively conceptual output of work at Studio XO, I was curious to see if it was possible to discretise other things that some would argue could/should not be quantified - namely the 'vibe' of intimate music events.

Boxed All-stars Boiler Room Session [22/07/14]

Following some 'field research' at some of these events, I have identified a range of sensors that I think could cumulatively detect changes in the general atmosphere of the Boiler Room sessions, and I am currently in the process of analysing the type of data obtained from these sensors. The next step is to deploy this array of sensors at Boiler Room events for further analysis and feedback.

The aim of the 'vibe sensor' is not to quantify how much of a good/bad time participants are having, but rather to reflect the room itself and feed into, for example, the background visuals of such events.

Playing music really loudly, all in the name of research; basic visualisation of data from various sensors on Processing